Tip: Optimize how OmegaSPY work by changing Settings parameters

For saving iPhone battery life, there is a useful tip: optimize how OmegaSPY work based on your need by changing Settings parameters.

First, turn OFF features which you not really need.

Second, optimize numeric parameters values like below:

- Sync data every: 30-60 minutes

- GPS interval: 15 minutes

- Distance filter: 500 meters

Everytime OmegaSPY records an event, for example, receive a SMS or a call, it will detect if internet connection are available and send recorded data to your online account immediately. In case internet connection are not available, recorded data will be saved in temporary files and wait to be sent later.  Therefore, we don’t need to set “sync data every” parameter with too small value.

GPS interval is the timer for OmegaSPY save GPS position of target but with a condition. A new position is saved only if the target move a distance larger or equal to the value of  “Distance filter” parameter when compare with the last recorded position. So, don’t set too large “Distance filter”. But don’t set too small filter, your GPS log will be covered with many not necessary positions. And, for GPS feature can work, don’t forget to turn ON “Location services” on target iPhone.

The last, after changing those above parameters, don’t forget to click “SAVE” button.

OmegaSPY Settings Parameters

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